The BB&G Cycle

The advanced BB&G® AWES thermal processing technologies convert scrap tyres, waste plastics and wood into domestic energy and sustainable commodities. The new plant will focus on recycling waste rubber and used tyres into valuable by-products. These will, in turn, be used to manufacture new products in an environmentally friendly manner.

The process breaks down the molecular bonds in rubber products, such as used tyres, reducing them to their base components; namely carbon black, bio-oil and hydrocarbon vapour (syngas). The off-gas system processes the vapour to recover the oil, and then treats and scrubs the remaining gas for use in the power generation system that runs the plant. Carbon and oil are collected and processed as raw materials for use in different industries.

There are several examples of businesses in different parts of the world that are successfully turning “Waste-into-worth” and include those making use of this advanced and innovative European technology.

The proposed African Syngas BB&G® AWES plant will use a process called thermolysis, also referred to as pyrolysis, which involves chemically decomposing organic materials at elevated temperatures, and in the absence of oxygen. The process typically occurs at temperatures above 430°C (800°F) and under pressure. It simultaneously involves physical phase and chemical composition changes of the input. The word pyrolisis is coined from Greek-derived elements pyro, “fire” and lysis, “separating”.

Intarnational Sustainability and Carbon Certification ISCC Plus

Material DSafety Data Sheet “MSDS” – Pyrolysis Oil

Material DSafety Data Sheet “MSDS” – Carbon Black

Team Members

Germano Carreira - Co-Founder & CEO

30+ years of international executive leadership experience. Former President & CEO of companies in the renewable energy and banking sectors in the USA. BB&G Group CEO and coordinator of the several ongoing projects such as: Thermolysis Demonstration Plant, rCB Post-treatment, rCB Activation and rCB Ash Leaching. Leads all the partnerships with external entities. Is responsible for all strategic decisions.

David Fowler - Co-Founder & Engineering

40+ years of experience in Engineering Design and Manufacturing, Project Implementation, CAD/3-D Schematic Development and Industrial Equipment Fabrication. Inventor of BB&G patented tire to fuel and rCB technology. Over the last 20 years has submitted several approved patents for his inventions.

Paulo Ventura - Business Development

BSc degree in Economics and MBA in Finance and Management Control. 20+ years of experience in International Business. Was responsible for the Executive Management of an International Germany based company delivering Refractory Turnkey Projects Worldwide having negotiated with major worldwide OEM and EPC Companies. Is responsible for the BB&G business development.

João Bruno - Mechanical Engineering

Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at IST. Having worked at an engineering company with a focus on developing tailor-made mechanical engineering solutions for national and international clients, possesses a background on machine design, structural design and piping design. After being involved in the development of basic engineering for the Sines Plant, joined BB&G at the beginning of 2022. Responsible for the development of mechanical solutions and technical drawings for procurement and construction of equipment for the Demonstration Plant and Industrial Plant.

Sebastião Costa - rCB Product. & Refin., QA/QC

Master’s degree in Chemical Engineering at University of Aveiro (UA) (Portugal). He is collaborating with BB&G since 2018, developing the DoE for rCB production and the studies of rCB refining. He’s finishing his PhD at UA and he is part of BB&G Lab team (rCB testing).

Ricardo Rocha - Construction & Procurement

15+ years of experience in mechanical locksmithing, welding, industrial maintenance in large groups such as Galp and EDP. Since 2021, has been responsible for the mechanical execution of BB&G’s projects including the assembly and execution of the ongoing demonstration plant. Is also responsible for BB&G’s Procurement.