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Company Description and Higher Purpose


Global Impact Holdings Pty Ltd (GIH) is registered in Botswana and has South African businesses which are based in Sandton, Johannesburg. 

The company is primarily involved in Venture Capital and Private Equity fund-raising and project management, with the key socio-economic imperative of genuine Africa-relevant Impact Investing.

Impact Investing is not a new concept. It identifies and considers investments that bring wider benefits to communities. Impact Investing delivers both financial and socio-economic returns on any investment.


Issues such as the environment are intrinsically addressed through Impact Investing, but GIH has directed its attention to companies that focus on permanent job-creation, job-enhancing education, food security through agri-tech, rural small-scale farming, and affordable housing (including student accommodation). 

These focus areas are of greater relevance to Africa than they are in other regions, such as in Europe, in which social, climate and environmental issues are currently deemed to be higher impact investing priorities. 

GIH believes that the growth and ownership of private businesses, job creation, affordable housing and food security are fundamental for nation-building in Africa. GIH endorses all of the UN SDGs, with the main focus on SDGs 7 and 8.


There is a clear need for innovative funding in Africa, as capital formation is rudimentary and inadequate. One of GIH’s core goals is to help with the development of investment channels and capital formation. The use of instruments such as the listed Swiss AMC will help develop additional channels to improve access to capital in Africa.


GIH embraces the technological advances of the 4th Industrial Revolution. This is an essential dimension of Enterprise Development, especially for the growth of medium-sized businesses and for the achievement of long-term sustainability.

Technology is a key element of any project that GIH considers, but it is not the first point of departure. The key determination is whether the application of any technology is appropriate for a business and relevant in an African context.


GIH’s head office is in Botswana, where there is a long-term strategy of expanding operations across Africa. GIH exists to help provide relevant solutions to African problems.


The investment focus of GIH is to deliver strong impact benefits. However, the investments are structured and designed to provide important portfolio enhancements. Commercial merit is the primary investment consideration, and the risk-return characteristics of the investment opportunities compare favourably with other asset classes. Returns are not correlated to equity markets, with a significant reduction in volatility.

The advantage for investors is that such investments add high-yielding projects embedded in a rapidly growing continent, into their portfolios. GIH’s portfolio construction philosophy is captured in the unique EnRRICH formula, which can be summarized as: Enhanced Risk-controlled Returns, Investment for Change and Hope.


GIH selects its partners among private businesses that have a high potential for sustained growth if they are given the appropriate technology and support, with financial and enterprise development. GIH aims to be the funding partner of choice when promoting innovation and positive impact in Africa.


Team Members

Chris Hart - Executive Chairman

24+ years of experience in Global Financial Markets. BCom and HDipEd from the University of The Witwatersrand. The key focus areas of his research were the implications of economic and political factors on investment performance and the consequences for asset allocation and portfolio management. Formerly, a Senior Financial Economist at Absa Capital and then the Chief Strategist at Investment Solutions. Had a brief stint at Standard Bank Wealth and Investment as their Global Market Strategist, after which he established the Impact Investment Group in 2017.

Dave Humphrey - Executive

30+ years of experience in global financial markets. Registered with the SA Institute of Financial Markets: (SAIFM). Joined the Impact Investment Group of Companies in 2018 and is the Managing Director of Impact Empowerment Ventures. Previously played a significant role within two investment companies, Sanlam Private Wealth, and Merrill Lynch South Africa, advising prominent high net-worth South Africans on their balanced portfolios in listed equities. Combines investment experience with a passion to see young people, especially private business owners, flourish. He enjoys all aspects of private equity and venture capital investing.

Brian Black - Executive

40+ years of experience in property, the financial services market and business consulting, specialising in business automation and optimization. Previously Managing Director of the Rawson Property Group and Managing Director and co-owner of the ERA STEER Property group. Was one of the founding Regional Directors of Multi Listing Services, implemented in over 2,000 real estate offices in South Africa. Together with two partners, founded Alternative Risk Management Solutions to create one of the first cell captive insurance companies in South Africa.

Rudi Kruger - Executive Innovation

40+ years of experience in venture building and corporate turnarounds. Holds a BA degree in Development Studies and Economics from the University of Johannesburg and is currently a PhD candidate. Founder of the INDEX Innovation Group. Winner of the Age of Innovation Award for the development of the GrowthDriver Business Acceleration Expert System. Twice winner of the South African Branding & Design Agency of the Year Awards. Chairman of the Sustainable Growth Awards. Extensive experience in New Venture Start-ups and Scale-ups.

Chikomorero Chiobvu - Research and Development

Degree in Agricultural Economics, currently pursuing a master’s degree in Agricultural Economics at the University of Pretoria. Worked in research, analysing, and assessing various commodity groups in South Africa. Has worked as an agricultural consultant, assisting emerging agri-businesses and farm projects such as Primeland Partners and Rozvy Estates. Has a passion for African agri-business development and the establishment of sustainable agricultural systems across the value chain. Currently plays a significant role in due diligence and compliance within the Impact Investment Group.

Ian Black - Founder and CEO of Acute Accounting

15+ years in Accounting, Entrepreneurship and Systems Innovation. Certified Chartered Accountant SAICA (2016). Auditor registered with the IRBA. Accredited Professional Accountant (SA) by SAIPA (2014). BCompt Degree from Unisa, Postgraduate Degree in Advanced Accounting Science. Has a passion for accounting and a leader in the advisory field. Founded Acute Accountants Inc and AcuAudit Inc in 2018. Preferred service provider for the Impact Investment Group.