BB&G® AWES is a technology-intensive European innovation company that applies a unique patented thermal conversion process in the transformation of rubber granulate, derived from end-of-life tyres (ELTs), into renewable products. These products are then re-used in the automotive and rubber industries.

Swiss Amc

Syngas plans to raise capital for its impactful project, by using Swiss AMC, a unique financial instrument that provides exposure to its diversified portfolio. With the help of professional fund managers, Syngas aims to attract investors who not only seek financial returns but also want to contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes. 


Global Impact Holdings Pty Ltd (GIH) is registered in Botswana and has South African businesses which are based in Sandton, Johannesburg.

The company is primarily involved in Venture Capital and Private Equity fund-raising and project management, with the key socio-economic imperative of genuine Africa-relevant Impact Investing.

Acute Accountants strive to assist clients handle their accounting in a way that is efficient, convenient, and value-creating.

Orpheus Capital provides technical, operational and business consultancy services to leading companies operating in the UK, South Africa, Channel Islands, Israel, and Switzerland who offer structured investments to retail, wealth and institutional investors.

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